June Featured Editorial Board Members

Jason L. Dragoo, MD
Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
Stanford University
Redwood City, CA

Jason L. Dragoo, MD, is an Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Stanford University. He specializes in Sports Medicine and currently serves as a team physician for Stanford University Athletics, where he is the Head Team Physician for the Stanford Football Program and serves on the Board of Directors for the PAC 12 Conference Health and Wellness Committee. He has previously served as a physician for the US Ski Team, US Olympic Committee and has also served on the AOSSM Research Committee.  He is also an active member of the AAOS and currently serves on the Biologics Committee and has advocated for the use of autologous cell therapy to the FDA.

His basic science and clinical research has led to many advances in the use of biologics to augment tissue healing including: 1) investigations on the formulations and applications platelet rich plasma (PRP) and autologous growth factors, 2) cartilage regeneration using adult adipose-derived stem cells, and 3) the development of 2nd generation methods, using autologous blood products, for tissue repair. He currently is an investigator on 5 NIH grants, has published 3 textbooks, and authored over 70 peer-reviewed articles.

Selected Published Work

Braun HJ, Kim HJ, Chu CR, Dragoo JL. The effect of platelet-rich plasma formulations and blood products on human synoviocytes: implications for intra-articular injury and therapy. Am J Sports Med. 2014;42(5):1204-10.

Dragoo JL, Braun HJ, Harris AH. The effect of playing surface on the incidence of ACL injuries in National Collegiate Athletic Association American Football. 2013;20(3):191-5.

Taylor SE, Lee J, Smeriglio P, Razzaque A, Smith RL, Dragoo JL, Maloney WJ, Bhutani N. Identification of Human Juvenile Chondrocyte-Specific Factors that Stimulate Stem Cell Growth. Tissue Eng Part A. 2016;22(7-8):645-53.

Chen MR, Dragoo JL. The effect of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on tissue healing. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2013;21(3):540-9.

Kay SP, Dragoo JL, Lee R. Long-term results of arthroscopic resection of the distal clavicle with concomitant subacromial decompression. 2003;19(8):805-9.

Castillo TN, Pouliot MA, Kim HJ, Dragoo JL. Comparison of growth factor and platelet concentration from commercial platelet-rich plasma separation systems. Am J Sports Med. 2011;39(2):266-71.

Swank KR, Behn AW, Dragoo JL. The effect of donor age on structural and mechanical properties of allograft tendons. Am J Sports Med. 2015;43(2):453-9.

Dragoo JL, Castillo TN, Korotkova TA, Kennedy AC, Kim HJ, Stewart DR. Trends in serum relaxin concentration among elite collegiate female athletes. Int J Womens Health. 2011;3:19-24.

Dragoo JL, Braun HJ, Durham JL, Ridley BA, Odegaard JI, Luong R, Arnoczky SP. Comparison of the acute inflammatory response of two commercial platelet-rich plasma systems in healthy rabbit tendons. Am J Sports Med. 2012;40(6):1274-81.

Wernecke C, Braun HJ, Dragoo JL. The Effect of Intra-articular Corticosteroids on Articular Cartilage: A Systematic Review. Orthop J Sports Med. 2015;3(5):2325967115581163.

Shull PB, Silder A, Shultz R, Dragoo JL, Besier TF, Delp SL, Cutkosky MR. Six-week gait retraining program reduces knee adduction moment, reduces pain, and improves function for individuals with medial compartment knee osteoarthritis. J Orthop Res. 2013;31(7):1020-5.

Shultz R, Silder A, Malone M, Braun HJ, Dragoo JL. Unstable Surface Improves Quadriceps: Hamstring Co-contraction for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Prevention Strategies. Sports Health. 2015;7(2):166-71


Robert F. LaPrade, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer, Steadman Philippon Research Institute
Complex Knee and Sports Medicine Surgeon, The Steadman Clinic
Vail, Colorado

Robert F. LaPrade, MD, PhD is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon with a certificate of added qualification in sports medicine.  Dr. LaPrade is a complex knee and sports medicine specialist at The Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado.  He is co-director of the sports medicine fellowship program, Chief Medical Officer, and Director of the International Scholars Program at the Steadman Philippon Research Institute.  Dr. LaPrade completed his residency at the Michigan State University-Kalamazoo campus and his sports medicine fellowship at The Hughston Clinic in Columbus, Georgia.  He was an AOSSM traveling fellow in 1997.  In 2003, Dr. LaPrade completed his PhD at The University of Oslo.

Dr. LaPrade is a proud graduate of The University of Maine, where he majored in forest engineering.  In 2015, Dr. LaPrade was honored with a Distinguished Alumni Career Award from The University of Maine for recognition of his academic career.

Prior to joining The Steadman Clinic in 2010, Dr. LaPrade worked at the University of Minnesota from 1996 to 2010.  During that time, he was team physician for The University of Minnesota men’s ice hockey and baseball teams.  The men’s hockey team was the Division I National Champions in 2002 and 2003.  Dr. LaPrade is an adjunct professor in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at The University of Minnesota and is also an affiliate faculty at the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Colorado State University.

Dr. LaPrade has published more than 300 articles related to orthopaedic sports medicine in the areas of anatomy, basic science, biomechanics, clinical diagnosis, and clinical outcomes.  His research and his research team have been awarded the Excellence in Research (AOSSM), Aircast (AOSSM), Herodicus, Smith and Nephew Best Paper in Ligaments and Biomechanics (ESSKA), Nicola Foundation (ESSKA), Best of Show Poster (AAOS), Albert Trillat (ISAKOS), and the Achilles Sports Medicine (ISAKOS) awards.  Dr. LaPrade has also been awarded the OREF Clinical Research award, which is considered one of the “Nobel prizes” in orthopaedic surgery, for his comprehensive work on the posterolateral knee.  Dr. LaPrade has also published over 100 book chapters and authored a textbook on posterolateral knee injuries.  He also has a special interest in mentoring medical students, residents and fellows and has been awarded several outstanding teaching awards.

Dr. LaPrade provides care to athletes of all skill levels including high school, collegiate, professional, and Olympic athletes.  In particular, The Steadman Clinic is one of two U.S. Olympic National Medical Centers and Dr. LaPrade treats multiple Olympic athletes as part of this program.

Dr. LaPrade has a special interest in treating complex knee injuries.  He has authored multiple basic science, biomechanical, diagnostic, and clinical outcome studies in this area.  A large number of these studies were performed in collaboration with Lars Engebretsen MD, PhD and his team at the University of Oslo.  His most recent work has centered on the anatomy, biomechanics, diagnosis, and treatment of meniscal root tears.  Dr. LaPrade is particularly proud of working with his two oldest sons, Chris and Matt, on articles that were recently published in AJSM on this topic.

He is a member of multiple sports medicine organizations including AOSSM, AAOS, AANA, ESSKA, ICRS, and ISAKOS.  He is currently the Chair of the Research Committee of AOSSM and Chair of the Sports Medicine Committee for ISAKOS.  Dr. LaPrade has been on the Editorial Board of The American Journal of Sports Medicine since 1998.  Dr. LaPrade has been married to his wife, Sandy, for 26 years and they have 3 sons, Chris, Matt, and Jeff.  Dr. LaPrade and his wife reside in Avon, Colorado.

Selected Published Work

LaPrade RF, Ly TV, Wentorf FA, Engebretsen L. The posterolateral attachments of the knee: a qualitative and quantitative morphology of the fibular collateral ligament, popliteus tendon, popliteofibular ligament and lateral gastrocnemius tendon. Am J Sports Med. 2003 Nov-Dec; 31(6):854-860.

LaPrade RF, Johansen S, Wentorf FA, Engebretsen L, Esterberg JL, Tso A. An analysis of an anatomical posterolateral knee reconstruction: An in vitro biomechanical study and development of a surgical technique. Am J Sports Med. 2004 Sep; 32(6):1405-1414.

LaPrade RF, Engebretsen AH, Ly TV, Johansen S, Wentorf FA, Engebretsen L. The anatomy of the medial part of the knee. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2007 Sep; 89(9):2000-2010.

Terry GC, LaPrade RF. The posterolateral aspect of the knee: anatomy and surgical approach. Am J Sports Med.  1996 1; 24(6):732-9.

LaPrade RF, Resig S, Wentorf F, Lewis JL. The effects of grade III posterolateral knee complex injuries on anterior cruciate ligament graft force a biomechanical analysis. Am J Sports Med. 1999 Jul 1; 27(4):469-75.

LaPrade RF, Muench C, Wentorf F, Lewis JL. The Effect of Injury to the Posterolateral Structures of the Knee on Force in a Posterior Cruciate Ligament Graft: A Biomechanical Study. Am J Sports Med. 2002 Mar 1; 30(2):233-8.

LaPrade RF, Johansen S, Agel J, Risberg MA, Moksnes H, Engebretsen L. Outcomes of an anatomic posterolateral knee reconstruction. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2010 Jan 1; 92(1):16-22.

LaPrade RF, Heikes C, Bakker AJ, Jakobsen RB. The reproducibility and repeatability of varus stress radiographs in the assessment of isolated fibular collateral ligament and grade-III posterolateral knee injuries. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2008 Oct 1; 90(10):2069-76.

LaPrade RF, Botker J, Herzog M, Agel J. Refrigerated osteoarticular allografts to treat articular cartilage defects of the femoral condyles. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2009 Apr 1; 91(4):805-11.

Geeslin AG, LaPrade RF. Outcomes of treatment of acute grade-III isolated and combined posterolateral knee injuries: a prospective case series and surgical technique. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2011 Sep 21; 93(18):1672-83.

Anderson CJ, Ziegler CG, Wijdicks CA, Engebretsen L, LaPrade RF. Arthroscopically pertinent anatomy of the anterolateral and posteromedial bundles of the posterior cruciate ligament. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2012 Nov 7; 94(21):1936-45.

Padalecki JR, Jansson KS, Smith SD, Dornan GJ, Pierce CM, Wijdicks CA, LaPrade RFBiomechanical consequences of a complete radial tear adjacent to the medial meniscus posterior root attachment site: in situ pull-out repair restores derangement of joint mechanics. Am J Sports Med. 2014 Mar; 42(3):699-707

Kennedy NI, LaPrade RF, Goldsmith MT, Faucett SC, Rasmussen MT, Coatney GA, Engebretsen L, Wijdicks CA. Posterior cruciate ligament graft fixation angles, part 2: biomechanical evaluation for anatomic double-bundle reconstruction. Am J Sports Med. 2014 Oct; 42(10):2346-55.

LaPrade CM, Jansson KS, Dornan G, Smith SD, Wijdicks CA, LaPrade RF. Altered tibiofemoral contact mechanics due to lateral meniscus posterior horn root avulsions and radial tears can be restored with in situ pull-out suture repairs. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2014 Mar 19; 96(6):471-9.

Goldsmith MT, Jansson KS, Smith SD, Engebretsen L, LaPrade RF, Wijdicks CA. Biomechanical comparison of anatomic single- and double-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions: an in vitro study. Am J Sports Med. 2013; 41:1595-1604.

LaPrade CM, Ellman MB, Rasmussen MT, LaPrade RF. Anatomy of the anterior root attachments of the medial and lateral menisci: a quantitative analysis. The American Journal of Sports Medicine. 2014; 42:2386-2392.

LaPrade CM, LaPrade MD, Turnbull TL, Wijdicks CA, LaPrade RF. Biomechanical evaluation of the transtibial pull-out technique for posterior medial meniscal root repairs using 1 and 2 transtibial bone tunnels. The American Journal of Sports Medicine. 2015; 43:899-904.

LaPrade MD, LaPrade CM, Hamming MG, LaPrade RF. Intramedullary Tibial Nailing Reduces the Attachment Area and Ultimate Load of the Anterior Medial Meniscal Root: A Potential Explanation for Anterior Knee Pain in Female Patients and Smaller Patients. The American Journal of Sports Medicine.2015; 43:1670-1675.

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