January Featured Editorial Board Members

Sharon Hame, MD

Vice Chair, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Department
Associate Team Physician, UCLA Athletic Department
University of California, Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California

Dr. Sharon Hame is a board certified orthopaedic surgeon with subspecialty certification in sports medicine. She has been practicing orthopaedic sports medicine in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) for over 23 years. She is currently a Professor of Clinical Orthopaedic Surgery and has recently been named Interim Vice Chair of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion for the department. Dr. Hame completed her residency at the New York University Medical Center and her sports medicine fellowship at UCLA.  She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and an active member of the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, the Arthroscopy Association of North America and of the American College of Sports Medicine. Dr. Hame is also a past president of the Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society and of the FORUM Society. At UCLA, Dr. Hame serves as the Associate Team physician for the UCLA Athletic Department and is the team physician for UCLA Football, UCLA Women’s Basketball, UCLA Women’s Indoor and Beach Volleyball and UCLA Men’s Tennis. 

Dr. Hame’s research has focused on knee ligament biomechanics, revision ACL reconstruction, hip arthroscopy, early sports specialization and injury risk assessment and injury prevention in athletes.  She has over 75 peer-reviewed publications and speaks nationally and internationally at orthopaedic and sports medicine meetings. Over her career, she and her collaborators have been awarded the prestigious Kappa Delta Award and the O’Donoghue Award. Dr. Hame serves as a reviewer for multiple sports medicine journals and recently was named to the editorial board of the American Journal of Sports Medicine (AJSM).  She also serves on the newly formed AJSM Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Task Force. Dr. Hame has a passion for teaching both orthopaedic residents and medical students. She is active in the David Geffen School of Medicine (DGDOM) at UCLA and is the Director of Medical Student Orthopaedic Education for the UCLA Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. In 2019, DGSOM honored her with the Kaiser Permanente Excellence in Teaching Award for her commitment to teaching medical students. When not teaching and mentoring medical students and residents, Dr. Hame enjoys spending time with her family and friends, hiking, traveling and enjoying the beaches of Southern California.

Selected Published Work

Hame, S.L., Markolf, K.L., Hunter, M.D., Gabayan, A., Davis, B., Shapiro, M.S., Finerman, G.A.M.: The effect of anterior cruciate ligament graft rotation on knee laxity and graft tension: An in vitro biomechanical analysis. Arthroscopy Jan:18(1):55-60, 2002 PMID 11774142

Markolf, K.L.; Hame, S.L.; Hunter, D.M.; Oakes, D.A.; Gause, P: Biomechanical effects of femoral notchplasty in ACL reconstruction. Am J Sports Med Jan-Feb:30(1):83-9, 2002 PMID 11799001

Hame, S.L., Oakes, D., Markolf, K.L.: Injury to the anterior cruciate ligament in alpine skiing: A biomechanical analysis of tibial torque and knee flexion angle. Am J Sports Med July-Aug:30(4):537-40, 2002. PMID 12130408

Markolf, K.L.; Hame, S.L.; Hunter, D.M.; Oakes, D.A., Zoric, B.; Gause, P.; Finerman, G.A.M.: Effects of femoral tunnel placement on knee laxity and forces in an anterior cruciate ligament graft. Journal of Orthopaedic Research Sept; 20 (5): 1016-24, 2002 PMID 12382968

Hame, S.L.; Markolf, K.L.; Hunter, D.M.; Oakes, D.A.; Zoric, B.: Effects of notchplasty and femoral tunnel orientation on excursion patterns of an ACL graft. Arthroscopy April: 19 (4) 340-345, 2003 PMID 12671615

Hame, S.L., LaFemina, J., McAllister, D.R., Schaadt, G., Dorey, F.: Fractures in The Collegiate Athlete. American Journal of Sports Medicine, 32 (2): 446-451, 2004 PMID 14977672

Hame, S.L., Nguyen, V., Ellerman, J., Ngo, S., Wang, J., Gamradt, S.: Complications of arthroscopic meniscectomy in the older population. Am J Sports Med 2012 June 40(6) 1402-5 Epub 2012 April 10. PMID 22495145

Hame, S.L and Alexander, RA: Knee osteoarthritis in women. Curr Rev Musculoskelet Med. 2013 Mar 8.  PMID 23471773

Rugg, C., Wang, D., Sulzicki, P., Hame, S.L.: The effects of prior knee surgery on subsequent injury, imaging and surgery in NCAA collegiate athletes. Am J Sports Med. 2014 Apr;42(4):959-64. PMID:24519183

MARS Group, Hame, S.L.: Effect of graft choice on the outcome of revision anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in the multicenter ACL revision study (MARS) group. Am J Sports Med. 2014 Oct;42(10):2301-10 PMID 252743353 Winner O’Donoghue Award AOSSM

Wang, D., Rugg, CM., Mayer, E., Lai, WC, Sulzicki, P., Vail, J.  Hame, S.L.: Precollegiate knee surgery predicts subsequent injury requiring surgery in NCAA Athletes. Am J Sports Med. 2016 Aug 44(8):2023-9 PMID 27022061

Rugg, C., Wang, D., Berger, N., Vail, J, Sulzicki, P., Hame, S.L.: The effects of prior shoulder surgery on subsequent participation, injury and interventions in collegiate athletes. J Shoulder Elbow Surg 2019 Jul;28(7):1371-1377 PMID 31230783. Editor’s Choice: Most interesting paper of 2019, JSES

Harada, G.K., Rugg, C.M., Arashi, A., Vail, J., Hame, S.L.: Multiple concussions increases the odds and rate of lower extremity injury in NCAA collegiate athletes following return to play. Am J Sports Med 2019 Nov; (47)13: 3256-3262 PMID 31513431

Ahlquist, SA, Cash, BM and Hame, S.L.: The Associations of Early Sport Specialization and Training Volume with Injury Rates in NCAA Division I Athletes. Orthop J Sports Med. 2020 Mar 12;8(3) PMID 32201707

Ata Kiapour, PhD
Assistant Professor
Harvard Medical School

Principal Investigator, Orthopaedic Research Laboratory
Director, Musculoskeletal Informatics Group
Boston Children’s Hospital

Boston, Massachusetts

Dr. Ata Kiapour is an Assistant Professor in Orthopaedic Surgery at Harvard Medical School, Principal Investigator at the Orthopaedic Research Laboratory, and the Director of the Musculoskeletal Informatics Group (MIG) in Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital. He has a diverse training and have research and product development experience in both academia and industry. He holds BS and MS degrees in Material Science and Engineering (Iran University of Science & Technology 2004 and 2008), PhD in Biomedical Engineering (University of Toledo, OH), and Master of Medical Sciences in Clinical and Translational Investigation (HMS 2016). He has also conducted postdoctoral fellowship in Orthopedic Surgery (Boston Children’s Hospital 2013-2015).

Dr. Kiapour’s research is focused on developing new methods for analyzing clinical data (e.g. imaging) to better understand the etiology and mechanisms of musculoskeletal diseases and to develop new tools for injury prediction and to facilitate clinical decision-making (e.g. treatment choice). His approaches have been applied in several domains, including studying joint morphogenesis and its implications in injury risk and treatment outcomes, development of new imaging biomarkers to track tissue healing and response to treatment, and development of simulation tools for surgical planning. Dr. Kiapour founded the Musculoskeletal Informatics Group (MIG) in 2021. The MIG was formed with the mission of developing novel analytical tools to facilitate the use of “big” clinical data to: 1) improve our understanding of musculoskeletal diseases among pediatrics and young adults, 2) optimize clinical care for such diseases, and 3) improve the quality of life of patients with such conditions.

Selected Published Work

Regional Differences in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Signal Intensity After Surgical Treatment

Ata M. Kiapour, PhD, MMSc, Sean W. Flannery, BS, Martha M. Murray, MD, Patricia E. Miller, MS, BEAR Trial Team, Benedikt L. Proffen, MD, Nicholas Sant, BS, Gabriela Portilla, BA, Ryan Sanborn, BS, Christina Freiberger, MS, Rachael Henderson, BS, Samuel Barnett, MD, Kirsten Ecklund, MD, Yi-Meng Yen, MD, PhD, Dennis E. Kramer, MD, Lyle J. Micheli, MD, and Braden C. Fleming, PhD The American Journal of Sports Medicine 2021 49:14, 3833-3841

Bridge-Enhanced Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair Is Not Inferior to Autograft Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction at 2 Years: Results of a Prospective Randomized Clinical Trial

Martha M. Murray, MD, Braden C. Fleming, PhD, Gary J. Badger, MS, The BEAR Trial Team, Christina Freiberger, Rachael Henderson, Samuel Barnett, Ata Kiapour, Kirsten Ecklund, Benedikt Proffen, Nicholas Sant, Dennis E. Kramer, MD, Lyle J. Micheli, MD, and Yi-Meng Yen, MD, PhD The American Journal of Sports Medicine 2020 48:6, 1305-1315

Changes in Cross-sectional Area and Signal Intensity of Healing Anterior Cruciate Ligaments and Grafts in the First 2 Years After Surgery

Ata M. Kiapour, PhD, MMSc, Kirsten Ecklund, MD, Martha M. Murray, MD, BEAR Trial Team, Brett Flutie, BS, Christina Freiberger, MS, Rachael Henderson, BS, Dennis Kramer, MD, Lyle Micheli, MD, Laura Thurber, BS, Yi-Meng Yen, MD, PhD, and Braden C. Fleming, PhD The American Journal of Sports Medicine 2019 47:8, 1831-1843

Predictors of Healing Ligament Size and Magnetic Resonance Signal Intensity at 6 Months After Bridge-Enhanced Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair

Martha M. Murray, MD, Ata M. Kiapour, PhD, Leslie A. Kalish, PhD, Kirsten Ecklund, MD, The BEAR Trial Team, Christina Freiberger, MS, Rachael Henderson, BS, Dennis Kramer, MD, Lyle Micheli, MD, Yi-Meng Yen, MD, and Braden C. Fleming, PhD The American Journal of Sports Medicine 2019 47:6, 1361-1369

Anatomic Features of the Tibial Plateau Predict Outcomes of ACL Reconstruction Within 7 Years After Surgery

Ata M. Kiapour, PhD, Daniel S. Yang, BS, Gary J. Badger, MS, Naga Padmini Karamchedu, MS, Martha M. Murray, MD, Paul D. Fadale, MD, Michael J. Hulstyn, MD, Robert M. Shalvoy, MD, and Braden C. Fleming, PhD The American Journal of Sports Medicine 2019 47:2, 303-311

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