February Featured Editorial Board Members

David C Landy Photo

David C. Landy, MD, PhD
Clinical Fellow
Adult Reconstruction and Joint Replacement
Hospital for Special Surgery
New York, New York

Dr. David C. Landy is a clinical fellow in arthroplasty at the Hospital for Special Surgery. He has an interest in the conduct of clinical research within orthopedics and the efficient alignment of methods with purpose. After completing an undergraduate degree in philosophy at Vanderbilt and a master’s degree in public health at Dartmouth, he worked as a statistician in empirical bioethics at Baylor College of Medicine helping to study the ethics of various clinical research methodologies. Following this, he completed the medical scientist training program at the University of Miami where he studied the application of advanced statistical methods to the analysis of imbalanced cohort data and worked with various large datasets. Dr. Landy is a member of the American College of Epidemiology, has published over 50 peer reviewed articles, has received independent research support from the American Federation for Aging Research and American Heart Association, and has served as a reviewer for 16 different peer-reviewed journals publishing ethics and epidemiological research.

Selected Published Work

Landy DC, McCullough LB, Coverdale J, Sharp RR. Prepublication review of bioethics research: cause for concern. Academic Medicine 84:495-7. 2009.

Landy DC, Brinich MA, Colten M, Horn EJ, Terry SF, Sharp RR. How disease advocacy organizations participate in clinical research: a survey of genetic organizations. Genetics in Medicine 14:223-8, 2012.

Landy DC, Goodman KW, Brosco JP. Clinical ethics and patient satisfaction: the practical significance of distinguishing ethics and morals. American Journal of Bioethics 12:20-2. 2012.

Landy DC, Mintzer MJ, Silva AK, Dearwater SR, Schulman CI. Hispanic ethnicity and fatal fall risk: do age, gender, and community modify the relationship? Journal of Surgical Research 175:113-7. 2012.

Lipshultz SE, Landy DC, Lopez-Mitnik G, Lipsitz SR, Hinkle A, Constine L, French CA, Rovitelli A, Proukou C, Adams MJ, Miller TM.  Cardiac status of childhood cancer survivors exposed and unexposed to cardiotoxic therapy.  Journal of Clinical Oncology 30:1050-7. 2012.

Landy DC, Hecht EM. Mega-randomized clinical trials for blockbuster drugs. JAMA 309:1682-3. 2013.

Ludwig DA, Landy DC, Kurtz JM, Miller TM. Using SAS to expand the application of standard measures and guide statistical explorations: creating healthy eating index scores using nutrition data system for research output. Presented at SAS Global Forum Conference in San Francisco, CA, Apr 28-May 1, 2013. White paper published at http://support.sas.com/resources/papers/proceedings13/216-2013.pdf.

King CA, Landy DC, Martell JM, Luu HH, Shi LL, Lee MJ. Time to dislocation analysis of lumbar spine fusion following total hip arthroplasty: breaking up a happy home. Journal of Arthroplasty 33:3768-72. 2018

Landy DC, Boyadjian H, Shi LL, Lee MJ. General health measures in shoulder surgery: are we powered for success. Journal of Shoulder Elbow Surgery 28:1341-6. 2019.

Landy DC, Utset-Ward T, Lee MJ. Implications of alternative alpha thresholds for hypothesis testing in orthopedics. Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research 477:2358-63. 2019.


Dharmesh Vyas photo

Dharmesh Vyas, MD, PhD
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Medical Director and Head Team Physician, Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey Team
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Dharmesh Vyas, MD, PhD is an associate professor of orthopaedic surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC).  He also serves as the Medical Director and Head Team Physician of the Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey Team.  After completion of his orthopaedic residency at the University of Chicago, Dr. Vyas did his sports medicine and shoulder surgery fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh.  During that time, he also trained at the Rechts der Isar in Munich, Germany and the Albert Trillat Hospital in Lyon, France.  Dr. Vyas is actively involved in the resident and sports medicine fellowship programs at UPMC.  His clinical interests are sports medicine and arthroscopy of the shoulder, knee, and hip.  Special interests include ACL reconstruction, knee cartilage restoration, shoulder instability in athletes, and treatment of hip femoroacetabular impingement. His research interests are focused on improving our understanding of shoulder instability, and on bench research aimed at elucidating the molecular mechanisms responsible for improved rotator cuff healing.

Dr. Vyas has published several peer-reviewed articles and several book chapters.  His research goals are centered on understanding soft tissue to bone healing at the molecular level and in the process translate this science to improving clinical outcomes after sports medicine procedures. This foundation for his interest in this field was built upon his PhD work which was focused on understand the cellular and molecular basis of skeletal muscle and bone adaptation to load.  For his work, he has lectured both nationally and internationally and mentored several residents and fellows who have entered academic practice.

Dr. Vyas is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery, an active member of the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM), Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA), American Shoulder and Elbow Society (ASES), and the NHL team physician’s society (NHLTPS).  Dr. Vyas is an avid soccer player and golfer but enjoys most spending his days with his wife Avni and their two daughters Maya and Arya.

Selected Published Work

Shin JJ, McCrum CL, Mauro CS, Vyas D. Pain Management After Hip Arthroscopy:  Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials and Cohort StudiesPain Management After Hip Arthroscopy:  Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials and Cohort Studies. Am J Sports Med. 46(13):3288-98 2018.

Borrero CG, Costello J, Bertolet M, Vyas D.  Effect of patient age on accuracy of primary MRI signs of long head of biceps tearing and instability in the shoulder: an MRI-arthroscopy correlation study. Skeletal Radiol;47(2):203-14, 2018.

Fourman MS, Arner JW, Bayer S, Vyas D, Bradley JP.  Type VIII SLAP repair at mid-term follow-up:  throwers have greater pain, decreased function, and poorer return to play.  Arthroscopy.  34(12):3159-64, 2018.

Bradley JP, Arner JW, Sachidhanand J, Vyas DRisk Factors and Outcomes of Revision Arthroscopic Posterior Shoulder Capsulolabral RepairAm J Sports Med. 46(10):2457-65. 2018.

McCrum CL, Costello J, Onishi K, and Vyas DReturn to Play after PRP and Rehabilitation of 3 Elite Ice Hockey Players with Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injuries of the Elbow. Orthop J Sports Med. 6(8):2018.

Borrero CG, Costello J, Bertolet M, and Vyas D.  Value of Anterosuperior rotator cuff and labral tears at MRI for predicting long head of biceps tearing at arthroscopy Clin Radiol. 73(12):1058.2018.

Zhang K, De SA D, Kanakamedala A, Sheehan AJ, and Vyas D.  Management of concomitant pre-operative rotator cuff pathology and adhesive capsulitis—A systematic review of indications, treatment approaches, and outcomes. Arthroscopy 35(3):979-993, 2019.

De SA D, Sheehan AJ, Morales-Restrepo A, Dombrowski M, Kay J, and Vyas D. Patient positioning in arthroscopic management of posterior-inferior shoulder instability:  a systematic review comparing beach chair and lateral decubitus approaches. Arthroscopy. 35(1):214-24, 2019.

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