February Featured Editorial Board Members

Edward G. McFarland, MD
The Wayne H Lewis Professor of Orthopaedic and Surgery
Co-Director Division of Shoulder Surgery

The John Hopkins University, School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD

Dr. McFarland is the Wayne H Lewis Professor of Shoulder Surgery and Director of the Division of Shoulder Surgery at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. He began the Division of Sports Medicine and Shoulder Surgery at Hopkins in 1992 and the Division of Shoulder Surgery in 2002. He was a traveling fellow for the AOA, ASES, and AOSSM. He has over 180 publications and has published a book entitled Examination of the Shoulder: A Complete Guide. He is married with three girls age 13, 15, and 18. He is on the editorial board of the AJSM and has reviewed over 50 manuscripts for them over the years.

Selected Published Work

McFarland EG, Campbell G, McDowell J. Posterior Shoulder Laxity in Asymptomatic Athletes. American Journal Sports Medicine. 24: 468-471, 1996.

Weinberg J, Curl LA, McFarland EG. Posterior Capsular Avulsion in a College Football Player. American Journal of Sports Medicine. 27 (3): 235-237, March/April 1999.

Familiari F, Gonzalez-Zapata A, Ianno B, Galasso O, Gasparini G, McFarland EG. Is acromioplasty necessary in the setting of full-thickness rotator cuff tears? A systematic review. J Orthop Traumatol. May 24, 2015.

Bahk M, Keyurapan E, Tasaki A, Sauers EL, McFarland EG. Laxity testing of the shoulder: A review. American Journal of Sports Medicine. 35 (1): 131-44, Jan 2007.

Kilcoyne KG, Ebel BG, Bancells RL, Wilckens JH, McFarland EG. Epidemiology of injuries in major league baseball catchers. Am J Sports Med. 2015.

Freehill MT, Srikumaran U, Archer KR, McFarland EG, Petersen SA. The Latarjet coracoid transfer procedure: alterations in the neurovascular structures. J Shoulder Elbow Surg. 22: 695-700, 2013.

Sherbondy PS, Queale WS, McFarland EG, Mizuno Y, Cosgarea AJ. Soleus and Gastrocnemius Muscle Loading Decreases Anterior Tibial Translation in Anterior Cruciate Intact and Deficient Knees. The American Journal of Sports Medicine. 16 (3): 152-8, July 2003.

Borade AU, Familiari F, Choi K, Joseph J, McFarland EG. Comparison of reverse total shoulder arthroplasty versus hemiarthroplasty for acute fractures of the proximal humerus: Systematic review. Punjab J Orthop. 2015, in press.

Yap J, Curl LA, Kvitne R, McFarland EG. Use of Weighted Views for AC Joint Injuries:  Results of a Survey. The American Journal of Sports Medicine, 27 (6): 806-809, November/December 1999.

McFarland EG, Borade A. Examination of the biceps tendon. Clin Sports Med. 35 (1): 29-45, 2016.


Laura Timmerman, MD

Walnut Creek, CA

Dr. Laura Timmerman is an orthopaedic surgeon. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Neurobiology, and then from UC Davis School of Medicine. She completed an orthopaedic surgery residency at UC Davis in 1991. She then spent a year in Birmingham, Alabama with Dr. James Andrews and Dr. William Clancy in a Sports Medicine Fellowship. She was the Tuskegee team physician and was involved in the care of top level professional and college athletes. During this time, she developed a real interest in baseball and elbow injuries. She then returned to UC Davis, where she became an Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and continued to specialize in Sports Medicine. She has 42 publications and over 100 scientific presentations. She has published several articles in AJSM on the UCL of the elbow and baseball injuries. She was a team physician for a professional soccer team, American River College, and UC Davis athletes. She was an orthopaedic physician for UC Berkeley from 1993-2001, where she cared for athletes in all sports and covered football games. She traveled to Finland and Canada with the USA Hockey women’s team. She has been taking care of the St. Mary’s College athletes for several years. She is now in private practice in her hometown of Walnut Creek, CA, where she specializes in Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy, and surgical treatment of the knee, shoulder, and elbow injures. She is busy raising her son and enjoys playing tennis.

Selected Published Work

Timmerman, L.A., Andrews, J.R. Arthroscopic Treatment of the Post-Traumatic Elbow Pain and Stiffness. American Journal of Sports Medicine. 22 (2):230-235. 1994.

Andrews, J.R., and Timmerman, L.A. Operative Elbow Arthroscopy, Injuries in Baseball. Raven Press. 245-252, 1998.

Timmerman, LA. Use of the Tightrope BTB for ACL Reconstruction, The Anterior Cruciate Ligament: Reconstruction and Basic Science, 2nd Ed. Elsevier. 2016, in press.

Marder, RA, Timmerman, LA. Patellar Tendon ruptures: primary repair without augmentation. Am J Sports Med. 27: 304-307, 1999.

Timmerman, L.A., Andrews, J.R. Undersurface Tear of the Ulnar Collateral Ligament in Baseball Players. American Journal of Sports Medicine. 22 (1): 33-36, 1994.

Timmerman, L.A., Andrews, J.R. Clinical Experience in Elbow Arthroscopy, Elbow Arthroscopy. St. Louis, C.V. Mosby Company. 1993.

Timmerman, LA:  Elbow Arthroscopy, Operative Orthopaedics, 4th Edition. Lippincott. 2014.

Timmerman, L.A., Andrews, J.R. Surgical Techniques of Mini-Open Rotator Cuff Repair, The Athlete’s Shoulder. New York, Churchill Livingston. 1993.

Timmerman, L.A., Schwartz, M.L., Andrews, J.R. Pre-Operative Evaluation of MRI and CT-Arthrography in 25 Baseball Players with Surgical Confirmation. American Journal of Sports Medicine. 22 (1): 26-32, 1994.

Marder, R.A., Hopkins, Jr, G., and Timmerman, L.A. Arthroscopic Microfracture of Chondral Defects of the Knee: A Comparison of Two Postoperative Treatments.  Arthroscopy: The Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery. 21 (2): 152-158, 2005.

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