October Featured Editorial Board Members


Chen Shiyi, MD, PhD
Professor & Chairman, Department of Orthopaedic Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy Surgery
Fudan University Sports Medicine Center,
Huashan Hospital, Shanghai, China

Dr. Chen Shiyi is a Professor & Chairman in the Department of Orthopaedic Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy Surgery at the Fudan University Sports Medicine Center, Huashan Hospital in Shanghai, China. Dr. Chen also serves as a director of China National Training Center for Arthroscopy Techniques, a director of ISAKOS Approved Teaching Center in Arthroscopy Surgery and Sports Injury in China, Chairman of Specialist Committee of Clinical Endoscopy Diagnosis & Treatment Quality Evaluation, Department of Hospital Management and Supervision for the National Ministry of Health Administration, People Republic of China.

Dr. Chen is a leading specialist in China for orthopedic sports medicine & arthroscopy surgery in the knee, shoulder, and ankle. He graduated with an M.D degree in Zhejiang Medical University in Hangzhou in 1982, and received his Ph.D. degree at Fudan University, Shanghai in 1998. He experienced many years of overseas special training in sports injury and arthroscopic surgery in Linkoping, Sweden (1996-97), UPMC in Pittsburg, USA (2000, 2002), UNSW in Sydney, Australia (2003-2004), HSS in New York (2007) and MGH, Harvard University in Boston, USA (2009). He has accumulated over ten thousand cases of arthroscopic surgery, published over 256 papers and 58 book chapters, undertaken more than 28 projects of research funding, including 863, 973 and NSFC, et al. He was also awarded the Distinguished Contribution Award of Huashan Hospital (2004), the 47th ACSM Awards (2000, USA), the 9th Wu-Jieping Medical Research & Paul-Jassen Pharmaceutical Research Award (2007, China), the Science & Technology Progress Award of Shanghai (1994 & 2000) and so on. In 2009 and 2000, he won a China Leadership Award in Endoscopy in Hongkong, and an International Leadership Award in Endoscopy in Macau, the highest honor in Chinese Doctor Association. He has been ranked as a top 100 surgeon in Shanghai (1997-2003) , a member of Pujiang Talent Plan (2005) in Shanghai, top 100 Orthopedic sports surgeon in China (2013). In addition, he has served as an editorial board member in AJSM, Chief Editor of Arthroscopy: the Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery (Chinese version). Furthermore, he is not only one of the domestic leading experts knee, shoulder, ankle, and sports injuries by his abundant experience in arthroscopic surgery, but also very famous in the research of patellofemoral joint, knee & shoulder instability, and muscle healing promotion. He is also a world leading researcher in Synthesis ligament development. He developed the Fudan University Shoulder Scoring System. Over the years, he trained more than 420 surgeons from all over China.

Dr. Chen is very active in the international and domestic societies, served as an executive committee member of ISAKOS and World Endoscopy Doctor Association, President-elect of Asian Pacific Knee Arthroscopy Sports Society (APKASS), President-Elect of Chinese Society of Sports Medicine (CSSM), Chinese Shoulder & Elbow Society (CSES); Past-president of Upper Extremity Sports Injury of CSSM, and vice Chairman of Arthroscopy Academy of Chinese Orthopedic Association (COA), Executive Director of China Association of Sports Medicine (ACSM), et al. He is also an active member of Association of Bone and Joint Surgeons (ABJS), ISAKOS Executive Committee, Chair of Membership Committee and Strategic Committee of ISAKOS, Liaison Chair of Asian Federation of Sports Medicine (AFSM). He leaded as Godfather of APKASS-AOSSM Travelling fellow in 2014.

He is also a chief medical officer (CMO) for Chinese Olympic Delegation in London Olympic Games, F1 GP car racing of FIA, Moto GP of FIM, A1 World Car racing, FIFA and Olympic Football in China. As well, he serves as Chief physician for Mr. Liu xiang, Chinese Hero, an Olympic Hurdler Champion.

Selected Published Work

Chen S. Orthopaedic sports medicine and arthroscopic mini-invasive surgery. Foreign Medical Sciences- section of Orthopaedics. 2005;26(2):67-68.

Chen S, Stijn Haen P, Walton J, Murrell GAC. The effects of thermal capsular shrinkage on the outcomes of arthroscopic stabilization for primary shoulder instability. Am J Sports Med. 2005;33(5):705-711.

Shiyi C, Murrell GAC. The effects of arthroscopic labrum stabilization plus the thermal capsular shrinkage on primary anterior shoulder instability. Chin J Orthop. 2005;25(11):656-661.

Li HY, Chen SY, Chen JW. Survival and hIGF-1 expression of transplanted myoblast carrying hIGF-1in vivo. Chinese J Sports Med. 2006;25(2):151-154.

Hua YH, Chen Shiyi, Chen JW. Case report, Hoffa Fracture with PCL insertion avulsion injury. Chinese J Sports Med. 2006;25(2):234.

Chen S, Li Y, Chen JW, et al. Muscle injury and traditional chinese medicine therapy: from the laboratory to the playing field. China Orthopaedics. 2006;4:17-19.

Chen JW, Chen Shiyi, Zai Weitao, et al.Mechanism of shoulder stability.China Orthopaedics. 2006;8(4):22-24.

Hua YH, Chen SY, Zai W, et al. Arthroscopic treatment of popliteal syst—35 cases report. Chinese J Sports Med. 2006:25(2):297-300.

Feng XH, Chen Shiyi, Zhang Peng, et al. Epidemiological investigation of shoulder injury in overhead events in Shanghai. Chinese J Sports Med. 2006:25(3);344-345.

Chen S. The mechanics of shoulder instability. Chinese Orthopaedics. 2006;8(4):22-24.

Hua YH, Chen SY, et al. Clinical effect of arthroscopic treatment on moderate or severe rheumatoid arthritis. J Practical Orthop. 2007;12(1):22-24.

Hua YH, Chen S, et al. Electromyographic study on the quadriceps in athletes with and without patellar tendinopathy during isakinetic exercise. Chinese J Sports Med. 2007;26(2):231-234.

Yu D, Chen S, Li YX, et al. The effect of huangqi injection on the biomechanical properties of skeletal muscle during healing process after contusion. Chinese J Sports Med. 2007;26(3):283-265.

Chen S, Guowei H. Analysis for the cause of bone tunnel enlargement in ACL reconstruction. Chin J Orthop. 2007;27(4):312-315.

Cao S, Chen S, Chen JW, et al. The effect of Huangqi & Danshen injection on isokinetic muscle strength of acute injured skeletal muscle. Chinese J Sports Med. 2007;26(4):448-451.

Chen JW, Shiyi Chen, Feng XH, et al. Epidemiological investigation of shoulder injury in Shanghai elite athletes.  Chinese J Sports Med. 2007;26(4):464-466.



Michael J. Stuart, M.D.
Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Co-director of the Sports Medicine Center
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota 

Michael J. Stuart, M.D., is a Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Co-director of the Sports Medicine Center at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. Dr. Stuart is medical director of the Orthopedic Sports Medicine Fellowship and he has teaching and examining privileges in orthopedics at Mayo Graduate School.

Dr. Stuart earned the B.A. degree from DePauw University and the M.D. degree from Rush Medical College. He completed a fellowship in orthopedic surgery at Mayo Graduate School and a fellowship in sports medicine at the University of Western Ontario. He has received numerous awards and honors throughout his career including the Mayo Clinic Mayo Individual Award for Excellence, Distinguished Clinician Award, the Outstanding Faculty Award at Mayo Clinic, the Karis Award at Mayo Clinic, the Hughston Award from the American Journal of Sports Medicine, the “Doc” Counsilman Science Award for Ice Hockey from the U.S. Olympic Committee, the Excellence in Safety Award and the President’s Award from USA Hockey.

Dr. Stuart is internationally known for his commitment to sports safety and his expertise in the diagnostic procedures and surgical techniques of sports injuries. He is a past member of the Board of Directors, Education Committee and the STOP Sports Injuries Steering Committee for the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine. He is the Chief Medical and Safety Officer for USA Hockey and has served as the team physician for numerous national teams, including the United States Men’s Olympic Hockey Team in Vancouver and Sochi. Dr. Stuart is a Second Medical Opinion Physician for the NHL/NHLPA. He is a member of the Medical Committee and a Medical Supervisor for the International Ice Hockey Federation. In his local community, Dr. Stuart is team physician for Lourdes High School and the Rochester Ice Hawks in the Minnesota Junior Hockey League. He has served on the Board of Directors for Lourdes Foundation. He also is a member of the Minnesota State High School Sports Medicine Advisory Committee and the Minnesota Hockey Safety Committee. Dr. Stuart helped create the Rochester Mustangs Sled Hockey program.

Dr. Stuart has published over 190 journal articles and 38 book chapters. His research interests include sports concussion, knee ligament reconstruction, total knee arthroplasty, lower extremity biomechanics, and the epidemiology and prevention of sports injuries. Dr. Stuart has received numerous grants in support of his research from the USA Hockey Foundation and the Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation.

Dr. Stuart and his wife Nancy have four children, Michael, Colin, Mark, and Cristin. All of the Stuart children played Division 1 ice hockey and all 3 boys were drafted and played in the National Hockey League.

Selected Published Work

Stuart MJ, Smith AM, Malo-Ortiguera SA, Fischer TL, Larson DR. A comparison of facial protection and the incidence of head, neck, and facial injuries in junior A hockey players – A function of individual playing time. Am J Sports Med. 2002; 30(1):39-44.

Stuart MJ, Morrey MA, Smith AM, Meis JK, Ortiguera CJ. Injuries in youth football: a prospective observational cohort analysis among players aged 9 to 13 years. Mayo Clin Proc. 2002; 77(4):317-322

Stuart MJ. Surgical treatment of ACL/PCL/lateral-side knee injuries. Operative Techniques in Sports Medicine. 2003; 11(4):257-262.

Stuart MJ, Lubowitz JH. What, if any, are the indications for arthroscopic debridement of the osteoarthritic knee? Arthroscopy. 2006; 22(3):238-239.

Pulido L, Abdel MP, Lewallen DG, Stuart MJ, Sanchez-Sotelo J, Hanssen AD, Pagnano MW. The Mark Coventry Award: Trabecular metal tibial components were durable and reliable in primary total knee arthroplasty: a randomized clinical trial. Clin Orthop Relat Res. 2015; 473(1):34-42.

Allen BJ, Krych AJ, Engasser W, Levy BA, Stuart MJ, Collins MS, Dahm DL. Medial patellofemoral ligament tears in the setting of multiligament knee injuries rarely cause patellar instability. Am J Sports Med. 2015; 43(6):1386-1390.

Tuominen M, Stuart MJ, Aubry M, Kannus P, Tokola K, Parkkari J. Injuries in women’s international ice hockey: an 8-year study of the World Championship tournaments and Olympic Winter Games. Br J Sports Med. 2015 Jul 07.. DOI:10.1136/bjsports-2015-094647.

Heidenreich MJ, Camp CL, Dahm DL, Stuart MJ, Levy BA, Krych AJ. The contribution of the tibial tubercle to patellar instability: analysis of tibial tubercle-trochlear groove (TT-TG) and tibial tubercle-posterior cruciate ligament (TT-PCL) distances. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2015 Jul 26. DOI:10.1007/s00167-015-3715-4.

Prince MR, King AH, Stuart MJ, Dahm DL, Krych AJ. Treatment of Patellofemoral Cartilage Lesions in the Young, Active Patient. J Knee Surg. 2015; 28(4):285-296.

Collins MS, Bond JR, Crush AB, Stuart MJ, King AH, Levy BA. MRI injury patterns in surgically confirmed and reconstructed posterolateral corner knee injuries. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2015 Aug 04.. DOI:10.1007/s00167-015-3738-x.

Levy NM, Krych AJ, Hevesi M, Reardon PJ, Pareek A, Stuart MJ, Levy BA. Does age predict outcome after multiligament knee reconstruction for the dislocated knee? 2- to 22-year follow-up. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2015 Aug 19. DOI:10.1007/s00167-015-3750-1.

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