February Featured Ed Board Members


Charles A. Bush-Joseph, MD
Rush University Medical Center, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Chicago, IL

A native of Detroit, Michigan, Charles A. Bush-Joseph, MD, was educated at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor completing his B.S in 1979 and M.D. in 1983. He completed his residency at what is now Rush University Medical Center under Orthopaedic Chair Jorge O. Galante, MD.  After residency, Dr. Bush-Joseph completed  his training with a fifteen month fellowship in sportsmedicine and knee and shoulder reconstruction under the direction of Frank Noyes, MD.

After completing his fellowship in 1989, he was recruited back to Chicago by Bernard R. Bach, MD, the long time Director of Sportsmedicine at Rush.  In his 25 years at Rush, Dr. Bush-Joseph has served in a variety of positions on the orthopaedic faculty and the residency advisory committees.   Long an advocate of education, he served as the Director of Orthopaedic Education at Rush University Medical College and recently in a similar role for the Rush Physician Assistant Graduate Education program. He was twice voted the “Golden Apple Award” as the best orthopaedic educator at Rush.  Dr. Bush-Joseph is the Associate Director of the Rush Sportsmedicine fellowship program that has educated more than 70 fellows

Long involved in the care of high school, collegiate, and recreational athletes, Dr Bush-Joseph was named the head team physician for the Chicago White Sox Major League Baseball Club in 2003 and Associate Team Physician for the Chicago Bulls in 2004. Dr. Bush-Joseph was selected to the Major League Baseball Medical Advisory Board in 2006 and elected president of the Major League Baseball Team Physician Association for 2012.

Dr. Bush-Joseph has been active in orthopaedic professional societies (AAOS, AANA, AOSSM, and ABOS) with various roles including algorithms, membership, diversity, research, and examination committees. He currently serves as the Education chair for the AOSSM.

Dr. Bush-Joseph has also been active in the professional practice of medicine.  In 2003, he was elected and continues to serve as Managing Partner for Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush, the 44 physician private practice that serves as the Orthopaedic Department at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. He also serves  as Chairman of OrthoCentrix Solutions, a 128 physician Chicagoland musculoskeletal  independent practice association (IPA) and sits on the Board of the Orthopaedic Forum, an national association of 100 large independent orthopaedic practices.

Dr. Bush-Joseph remains active in clinical and basic research and continues to collaborate with Rush faculty. Recent publications center on evolving treatments in sports medicine with primary interest in knee ligament, hip arthroscopy, and the overhead athlete.

Selected Published Works

Frank RM, Lee S, Bush-Joseph CA, Kelly BK, Salata MJ, Nho SJ: Improved outcomes after hip arthroscopic surgery in patients undergoing T-capsulotomy with complete repair versus partial repair for femoroacetabular impingement: A comparative matched-pair analysis. Am J Sports Med. 2014;42(11):2634-2642.

Erickson BJ, Gupta AK, Harris JD, Bush-Joseph CA, Bach BR, Abrams GD, San Juan AM, Cole BJ, Romeo AA: Rate of return to pitching and performance after Tommy John surgery in Major League Baseball pitchers. Am J Sports Med. 2014;42(3):536-543.

Strauss EJ, Salata MJ, Sershon RA, Garbis N, Provencher MT, Wang VM, McGill KC, Bush-Joseph CA, Nicholson GP, Cole BJ, Romeo AA, Verma NN.: Role of the superior labrum after biceps tenodesis in glenohumeral stability. J Shoulder Elbow Surg. 2013;1:1-7.

Chalal J, Bush-Joseph CA, Chow A, Zelazny A, Mather RC, Lin EC, Gupta D, Verma NN: Clinical and MRI outcomes after surgical repair of complete hamstring ruptures: does the tendon heal? Am J Sports Med. 2012;40(10):2325-2330.



Hatem Galal Said, MD
Assiut University, Egypt

Dr Said is  currently a  Professor in Assiut University, Egypt.

His medical training and most of the post graduate training was in Assiut University Hospital. He went to the UK to finish his M.D. thesis on Infected TKR, in 2001-2002, where he worked as an SHO and an SPR.

In 2005, he revisited the UK as a Senior Arthroscopy fellow in Birmingham Royal Orthopedic Hospital, where he trained on Shoulder Arthroscopy.

Since then, his main specialty has been Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopy, however in the last 6 years, he has taken up interest in Hip Arthroscopy.

His latest fellowship was with Michael Dienst in  Munich Germany in 2010 for Hip Arthroscopy. Recently, with the increasing flow and recognition of FAI, Hip arthroscopy has taken a decent share in his practice and he has become one of the leaders in the field in the Middle East. He has taught numerous international meetings and courses in the field of Hip & Shoulder Arthroscopy.

He is a reviewer for international journals, such as Arthroscopy, and in 2011, joined the editorial board of AJSM and International Orthopaedics Journals.

His memberships in international organizations and societies have increased his relations and friendships and as an active member of SICOT, in 2011 he has been appointed as Editorial Secretary and member of the BOD.

As the AOTrauma middle east is a flourishing region, he is honored to be a member of the educational committee for ME, and was chairman of the Regional Advances courses for 2013. Being a member of the Regional Educational Team (RET), and an international faculty on the AO courses, allows him to share his passion for teaching.

He was awarded the State Encouragement Prize for Medical Sciences in 2012.

Selected Published Works

Abdelkafy A, Said HG. Neglected ununited tibial eminence fractures in the skeletally immature: arthroscopic management. Int Orthop. 2014;38(12):2525-2532.

Said HG, Babaqi A, Mohamadean A, et al. Modified subpectoral biceps tenodesis. Int Orthop. 2014;38(5):1063-1066.

Said HG, Steimer O, Kohn D, Dienst M. Vascular obstruction at the level of the ankle joint as complication of hip arthroscopy. Arthroscopy. 2011;27(11):1594-1596.

Said HG, Masoud MA, Yousef HA, Imam HM. Multidetector CT for thorn (wooden) foreign bodies of the knee. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2011;19(5):823-825.

Mohamedean A, Said HG, El-Sharkawi M, et al. Technique and short-term results of ankle arthrodesis using anterior plating. Int Orthop. 2010;34(6):833-837.

Said HG, Baloch K, Green MA. A new technique for femoral and tibial tunnel bone grafting using the OATS harvesters in revision ACL reconstruction. J Bone Joint Surg Br. 2008;90(suppl II):330.

Said GZ, Farouk O, El-Sayed A, Said HG. Salvage of failed dynamic hip screw fixation of intertrochanteric fractures. Injury. 2006;37(2):194-202.

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