December Featured Ed Board Members


Per A. Renström, MD, PhD
Karolinska Institutet Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery, Center for Sports Trauma Research and Education, Stockholm, Sweden

Per Renström graduated from Göteborg University and worked at the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Sahlgren University Hospital for 16 years until 1988, when he and his family relocated to University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont, USA, where Per worked as full professor in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine up to 1997. Vermont is such a spectacular place! Per was then called back and appointed full professor at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden and head of Sports Medicine at the Department of Orthopedics at the Karolinska University Hospital.

Per found it very rewarding to combine patient care/surgery with research. He defended his PhD in 1981 with a thesis on below-knee amputees. Other main research areas included clinical studies on management of athletic injuries, basic research in knee/ankle ligament and tendon biomechanics and healing etc. Per has authored over 350 scientific articles including 187 original scientific publications in peer reviewed journals.

As part of the Vermont research group Per was furthermore twice awarded the Albert Trillat Young Investigator Award by ISAKOS and received in 1994 the Kappa Delta Award for Outstanding Orthopedic Research by AAOS and ORS and the O’Donoghue Research Award by AOSSM. Per received the SCIF price for “Outstanding research in Sports Science in Sweden” in 2005 and was awarded Honorary Fellowships by the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine and the Royal College of Physicians of both Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Per is the author or editor of 17 books and 73 full chapters in books and proceedings. The book “Injuries in Sport” co-authored with Lars Peterson (1977, 1986, 2000, 2015) is a worldwide bestseller. This contribution to education in Sports Medicine was in 2010 awarded the prestigious “Duke of Edinburgh Prize” by the Institute of Sport and Exercise Medicine, United Kingdom.

Per is an active member of the Medical Services Committee of the ATP World Tour and of the Medical and Scientific Commission of the ITF and former physician for the Swedish Davis Cup team in tennis. He enjoyed being the physician for the Swedish as well as the US national teams in football /soccer. Per is presently the physician for the Swedish Football Association, Chair for Special Olympics, Sweden 1999-2007, and for the Swedish Council of Sports Science for 9 years.

After being vice president of FIMS 1986 – 1998 Per received in 2000 the FIMS Gold Medal. Per was 2003-2005 president of ISAKOS and was in 2009 awarded honorary membership. Per has been a part and member of the Medical and Scientific Commission of the IOC – International Olympic Committee 1989 – 2012 and received 2013 the IOC President`s award in gold. Being part of the Olympic family is a highlight in Per`s life. Per was inducted in the Hall of Fame by AOSSM 2009.

Per is living in Stockholm with his wife Lena since 47 years. They are proud parents of four special children Kerstin, Mårten, Julia, and Torsten and enjoy six lovely grandchildren. Lena loves being in the woods picking lots of mushrooms and Per is there for the exercise, when he is not playing tennis.

Selected Published Works

Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Injuries in Swedish Elite Track and Field Athletes Am J Sports Med January 2012 40 163169; published online before print November 3, 2011, doi:10.1177/0363546511425467

Sports Injuries During the Summer Olympic Games 2008 Am J Sports Med November 2009 37 21652172; published online before print September 25, 2009, doi:10.1177/0363546509339357

Winner of the 1999 O’Donoghue Award: A Prospective, Randomized Clinical Investigation of the Treatment of First-Time Ankle Sprains Am J Sports Med September 2006 34 14011412; published online before print June 26, 2006, doi:10.1177/0363546506288676

Sports Massage After Eccentric Exercise Am J Sports Med September 2004 32 14991503; published online before print July 20, 2004, doi:10.1177/0363546503262196

The Effects of Compressive Load and Knee Joint Torque on Peak Anterior Cruciate Ligament Strains Am J Sports Med September 2003 31 70170

Anterior Drawer Test for Acute Anterior Talofibular Ligament Injuries of the Ankle: How Much Load Should be Applied During the Test? Am J Sports Med March 2003 31 226232

Knee Arthroscopy with the Use of Local Anesthesia—An Increased Risk for Repeat Arthroscopy?: A Prospective, Randomized Study with a Six-Month Follow-up Am J Sports Med January 2002 30 6165



Derek J. Rutherford, MSc, PhD
Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Derek J Rutherford is a Physiotherapist and an Assistant professor in the Schools of Physiotherapy, Biomedical Engineering and Health and Human Performance at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Dr. Rutherford obtained undergraduate degrees in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario and Physical Therapy from the University of Toronto before completing his MSc in Rehabilitation Research and PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Dalhousie University.

Dr. Rutherford specializes in quantifying mechanics and muscle activation characteristics of lower extremity injury and disease to develop and evaluate conservative and surgical management strategies. He has a particular interest in knee and hip mechanics as they pertain to lower extremity osteoarthritis. He is the lead researcher in the Joint Action Research laboratory in the School of Physiotherapy at Dalhousie University studying the implications for lower extremity stress testing to provide insight on mechanisms by which lower extremity joints remain stable during functional movements.

Dr. Rutherford has been an editorial board member for American Journal of Sports Medicine since 2012

Selected Published Works

Rutherford DJ, Hubley-Kozey CL. Three dimensional motion analysis: Relevant concepts in physiotherapy movement dysfunction. Journal of Novel Physiotherapies. 2014;4:214.

Rutherford DJ. Intra-articular pressures and joint mechanics: Should we pay attention to effusion in knee osteoarthritis?  Medical Hypotheses. 2014;83:292-295.

Rutherford DJ, Hurley S, Hubley-Kozey CL. Sit-to-stand transfer mechanics in healthy older adults: A comprehensive investigation of a portable lifting – seat device. Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology. 2014;22:1-8.

Rutherford DJ, Hubley-Kozey CL, Stanish WD.  Hip abductor function in individuals with medial knee osteoarthritis: Implications for medial compartment loading during gait. Clinical Biomechanics. 2014;29:545-550.

Rutherford DJ, Hubley-Kozey CL, Stanish WD. Changes in knee joint muscle activation patterns during walking associated with increased structural severity in knee osteoarthritis. Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology. 2013;23:704-711.

Rutherford DJ, Hubley-Kozey CL, Stanish WD. Knee effusion affects knee mechanics and muscle activity during gait in individuals with knee osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis and Cartilage. 2012;20:974-981.

Rutherford DJ, Hubley-Kozey CL, Stanish WD, Dunbar MJ. Neuromuscular alterations exist with knee osteoarthritis presence and severity despite gait velocity similarities. Clinical Biomechanics. 2011;26:377-383.

Rutherford DJ, Hubley-Kozey CL, Stanish WD.  Maximal voluntary contraction exercises: A methodological investigation in knee osteoarthritis. Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology. 2011;21:154-160.

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