January Featured Editorial Board Member

Dr. Albright

John Albright M.D.
University of Iowa College of Medicine
Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation

Dr. Albright lives in Iowa City, Iowa, where he and his wife Marcy raised three sons: Mark, Jeffrey, and Jay.  John was born in Aurora, Illinois, and trained in orthopedic surgery at Yale University.  He also was awarded an NIH research fellowship focusing on metabolic bone disease and osteogenesis imperfecta in 1971.  He joined the Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation at The University of Iowa in 1972.  He is currently specializing in knee injuries and sports medicine. He also has a dual appointment as a professor in the Department of Integrative Physiology and is the Clinical Director of the Athletic Training Education Program.

Dr. Albright’s AOSSM Awards include: Excellence in Research Award (‘88) for “Arthroscopic Meniscal Repair in Dogs,” the Cabaud Research Award (‘96) for “The Effects of Lifelong Exercise on Canine Articular Cartilage,” and the George D. Rovere Education Award (‘01).  John was selected as the “Godfather” for an AOSSM-ESSKA Traveling Fellowship (‘98) and was inducted into the AOSSM Hall of Fame (‘08).  He has been an AJSM Editorial Board Member since 1980 and is a reviewer for several other journals including Spine and CORR, where he was recently honored as a top reviewer.

He has served on the Major League Baseball Medical Advisory Committee since 2004 and is also a consultant for the Baseball Medical Assessment and Research Center.

Selected Published Works

Yang, J, Mann,B; Guettler,J; Dugas, J; Irrgang J; Fleisig G; Albright J:  Risk-Prone Pitching Activities and Injuries in Youth Baseball Pitchers:  Findings from a National Sample.  AJSM.  Accepted for publication 2014.

Anthony CA, Duchman K,  McDermott S, McCunniff P, Wolf BR, Bollier M, Thedens DR, Albright JP.  Double-Bundle ACL Reconstruction: Novice Surgeons Utilizing Computer-Assisted Navigation versus Experienced Surgeons. Computer Aided Surg. 2013;18(5-6):172-180.

McCunniff P, Anthony C, McDermott S, Duchman K, Albright JP:  Arthroscopic Validation of the Clinical Exam for the Detection of the Symptomatic Synovial-Plical Complex by Relief from Surgical Excision Iowa Orthop J. 2013;33:78-83.

Mellecker C, Ebinger T, Butler P, Albright JP.  Southwick-Fulkerson Osteotomy with Intraoperative Femoral Nerve Guidance Iowa Orthop J. 2013;33:90-96.

Yang J, Cheng G, Zhang N, Ramirez M, Albright JP, Marshall SW.  Hospitalizations and hospital charges for sports-related fractures among children in the United StatesAsian J Exerc Sports Sci. 2012;9(1):1-12.

Assenmacher BS, Albright JP: Chronic Posterolateral Instability of the Knee: Technique for the Posterolateral Corner Sling Procedure.  Tech Knee Surg. 2011;10(4):232-238.

Duchman K, Mellecker C, El-Hattab A, Albright JP.  Case Report: Quantitative MRI of Tibial Tubercle Transfer during Active Quadriceps Contraction Clin Orthop Relat Res. 2011;469:294-299.


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